Roar Academy Asia is a school of reformation by Tony Kim, featuring a unique blend of experience-rich teaching, targeted tracks for your sphere of influence, and practical tools and activation to launch you into the next level of becoming a modern-day reformer!

Meet Our Team

Tony Kim, Founder

Tony Kim and his wife, Jessica Kim served ministries, organizations and government sectors mobilizing, training and addressing the hardest to serve populations and social justice causes and issues for over a decade before moving into full time ministry. Tony & Jessica founded Renaissance International in 2009 with an apostolic call to train, equip, mobilize and release the church to reach the lost and fulfill their destiny to transform every aspect of society through the power of the Holy Spirit. They believe we are the generation to usher in the greatest harvest the world has ever seen. Tony is also the national director of Harvest International Ministries (HIM) and leads a global relational revival and reformation movement called “ROAR Collective.” They have three children and currently reside in Bakersfield, California.

Camp Chan, Founder of Zebulun Apostolic Centre

Camp Chan originally from Hong Kong, and her Dutch husband Bart IJIst are living in Hong Kong. They are both business people, and have been running their respective businesses for more than 30 years.  They own companies in Asia and Europe. Camp and Bart are lovers of Jesus and people, and love challenges. That is why they started an Apostolic centre in Hong Kong in 2016, and named it “Zebulun Apostolic centre” in 2018. They truly believe in the vision of “People, Planet, Profit” that will have a lasting impact for future generations/ generations to come. They are also the founder of The King’s Garden, Key to Eternity and Kingdom Circle. For both, making money is equally important as taking the responsibility to help others.  Their mission is to find the right balance between business and helping people, giving priority to the latter at all times.