Frequent Asked Questions

Yes, this course is to equip people from different backgrounds and seven mountains. No matter you’re still a student, a worker or a retiree, as long as you want to be equipped, you’re most welcomed to join us.

There is no age range limitation, recommendation for 18 years old and above.

According to the schedule provided by our academy to complete weekly classes, reading of appointed books series and also discussions of video tutorials with other classmates and etc.

This course is divided into Year One and Year Two, and each year will take 9 months’ period. Every class will start after 15 students sign up. Therefore, our academy will provide different schedules according to different classes.

Yes, one of the benefits the course provides for students is that they can have a flexible “go-at-your-pace” schedule to accomodate their busy lifestyle.

Student may email to ask or directly contact the appointed mentors by the academy.

Student must join group discussions. Through group discussions, student is able to connect with other students of similar mountains and learn from different spheres.

Kindly enroll following the steps listed in

When you pass the interview, our academy will inform whether admission is accepted.

You shall receive an email. Kindly remember to check your email.

Since the start time of each class is different, our academy shall arrange the most suitable time to accommodate separately.

The family members overseas may make payments on website. Family members within our nation will be notified separately.

We are regret to say but our academy is not accepting any installment payments for the time being. If there is any special need, kindly send us an email at

We are sorry but there will be no refunds.

When you become the student of ROAR Academy Asia, the administration department will open a member account for you in You will receive an email to get your account name and password. If would like to enjoy the 20% discount, the student must make the payment on the website.