We offer our certificate program:

ROAR Academy’s Year One Program is a six-module non-accredited program that emphasizes the 7 spheres of society. The program includes modules on Identity, Leadership, Holy Spirit, Supernatural, Heaven’s Language, and Revival & Reformation. Students become eligible for Year Two upon completing the first year program.

ROAR Academy Bachelor’s Program offers a Bachelor’s degree in Apostolic Leadership and Applied Theology in partnership with Wagner University. The program is divided into two years. The first year focuses on applied theology and includes six modules: Identity, Leadership, Holy Spirit, Supernatural, Heaven’s Language, and Revival & Reformation, with emphasis on the 7 spheres of society. The second year focuses on apostolic leadership and includes six modules: Kingdom Now, Revival History & Now, Ascension Gifts, Apostolic Culture, Reformation History & Now, and The Reformers Way, with emphasis on the five-fold gifts. Students can learn and explore with mentors, in addition to mentorship from Dr. Tony Kim, the founder of the school.

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ROAR Academy has launched its first global program, ROAR Asia, which is aimed at students in 4 Asian Nations. The program includes a Bachelor’s Program, as well as the Year One Program, which emphasizes the seven spheres of society. The courses are available in both traditional and simplified Chinese and are taught by instructors and professionals experienced in their respective fields. Additionally, students have the opportunity to attend virtual live and recorded classes with the founder of the school, Dr. Tony Kim. The program is led by Camp Chan, an apostolic partner in Asia. Visit for more information and to inquire where ROAR Academy is available.