ROAR Academy would be a good fit for you if you want to grow in intimacy with God, while developing leadership, theology, and understanding of how to impact the world with how God has created them to be. It is perfect for those who want to see impact on a micro and macro level in their world, such as their family, personal life, work, local city, state, or nation in one or more particular areas. ROAR Academy is for those who want to discover and activate their spiritual gifts and the supernatural in their everyday life, practice and understand Biblical methods for transformation, partner with the Holy Spirit to fulfill their God-given purpose, and increase their capacity to lead, influence, and shape culture. They will also have the opportunity to receive impartation from global leaders. The bachelor’s program may be for you if you are passionate about receiving a traditional-leaning education.


40+ hours of recorded lectures within a practical and relational learning environment. With Live Q&A and mentorship from Dr. Tony Kim and others, you will grow within community and prepare to build God’s kingdom wherever you go.

Get activated in your spiritual gifts and the supernatural in your every day life, practice and understand biblical methods for micro and macro transformation, and partner with Holy Spirit to fufill your God-given purpose.

Relational community of like-minded reformers who are in pursuit of bringing Kingdom Transformation through intimacy with God.

Increase your ability to lead, influence, and shape culture. By the end of this program, you will begin to build your vision, step into your destiny, and build people to fulfill their God given destinies, and ROAR Academy will be with you every step of the way.

Tuition and Scholarship

Tuition cost
– BA: $3,600 (Now $2600)
– Year-to-Year: $1,797 (Now $1297)
Payment Plans are available. 

RA Scholarships
Discounted Rates:
You may submit an application for which a student (upon review) may be accepted at a discounted rate of a maximum of 10%.


Kindly email your form to

Scholarship: A certain amount of scholarships are allocated every year to support students for a part or full scholarship. To be eligbile for our scholarships, your application forms will be reviewed and you will be alerted if you have eligibility.

Application Procces


Register An Account

Applicant is required to register an account at “MY ACCOUNT” page. 


Submit Online Application

Applicant is required to complete the online application. Click here.


Application Review

Application will be processed and an initial review completed to determine eligibility to the program.


Interviewing Process

Applicant will be contacted for interview verification.


Final Decision

Applicants will be notified of the final decision for acceptance into the program and proceed to pay the course fee. Applicants are required to send in payment transcripts by emailing to


Acceptance & Payment

Students will receive an official acceptance notification that will include new student information and next steps.